How Software Can Boost Your ROI

Oct 1, 2019
  • How Measuring Software ROI Works
  • The Employee Collaboration Effect
  • Automated Content Creation and Lead Management
  • Lack of Customer Complaints Leads to Increased Efficiency
  • Advanced Investment Assistant
  • Get Your Custom Solution ASAP

Investing in something is always a risk. This is especially true if you are uncertain what kind of a return you can expect on your investment. Getting a huge return can be an exciting thing – but a small one can be damaging. If you aim to boost your company’s bottom line, you need small business software to propel you towards those goals.
Job Hub Group can help you maximize your ROI through custom-tailored software investments. By assessing your company’s needs, we can determine what kind of technology will streamline your operations and boost your efficiency. There are many ways that different software and tools can build up your ROI. Consider the following capabilities that make your custom software the best for increasing your ROI.

How Measuring Software ROI Works

Before looking at the specific features of a software system that can increase your ROI, it is important to determine how that ROI is measured on different platforms. Gauging success from a system of technology is sometimes a challenge if the needs and goals of the company aren’t clear. Once you are confident in your resource needs and you know how your tailor-made software can help you pass the finish line, take a look at what software ROI does:

It allows you to measure the success of your current projects to determine if future projects are justifiable

It actively compares values with finances so you can quantify the return on your software investment

Software ROI gives you a more objective overview of the success (or failure) of your projects

You can measure benefits over time using software analytics

ROI allows you to determine what your total ownership costs are

It is likely that time and money are the two biggest units of measurement when it comes to sizing up the return on your software investments. It is also important to know that ROI can be measured differently depending on the type of software being developed. The following features and capabilities of unique software solutions are examples of the ROI-boosting effects of a successful system.

The Employee Collaboration Effect

The invention of email and the mass adoption of email platforms into corporate spaces completely transformed the landscape of employee communication. Suddenly branches from opposite sides of the country could send and receive important messages, files, or digital assets within a matter of minutes. It also sped up work production.

Today, email chains as a main method of communication are becoming a thing of the past. Waiting for teammates to communicate with each other over an email or an in-person chat can be a waste of your company’s precious time and resources. A custom-made intranet system can open the doorway to communication, allowing staff members to collaborate instantaneously. And what’s more, there are logs and time stamps of every action so it is much easier to track workplace efficiency and data. Employees can even add notes to files or make edits on something that will automatically update everyone else.

Automated Content Creation and Lead Management

Another way that you can use custom-built software to your advantage is by implementing a CRM system. Customer relationship management systems are highly beneficial and can supercharge your ROI. On average, CRM systems can return over $8.40 for every $1 spent. With an advanced CRM system, you can make upwards of $40 for every $1 spent on the software.

A good customer relationship management system is one that is personalized to your specific industry, helping you to identify new leads within your target groups and specific audiences. Not only can a good system help you capture more leads, but it will implement strategies for retaining them as well. Automated software systems like this can offer pre-made templates for email campaigns and social media posts, helping you curate content that will be sent out to your audience at the best time.

Any good manager knows that communication between different departments of the sales branch is key to giving customers a good experience. Clients want to be tended to throughout every point in the sales process. From beginning to end, a CRM will automate the customer relationship process so your sales staff can be more efficient and successful.

Lack of Customer Complaints Leads to Increased Efficiency

The more solid of a communication system you have in place, the easier it will be for you and your staff members to get important work done. A huge portion of sales is dedicated to customer feedback and response. One way to boost your ROI is to improve your customer approval ratings.

Team members using advanced software solutions have immediate access to a customer’s notes, details, files, and relevant information. This will give them insights so they can serve the customer’s needs as quickly and helpfully as possible. This increased work efficiency not only saves time, but it saves a lot of customer heartbreak – which saves you from having to spend more hours cleaning up after a customer mess.

Advanced Investment Assistant

Perhaps you are in the business of investing yourself. You want to know what software and IT platforms can give you the biggest return on the dollars you invest. It can take a lot of work on your own trying to find what kind of solutions will boost your ROI the most. Custom software systems are the key to maximizing profits for any investor, entrepreneur, or startup professional.

Get Your Custom Solution ASAP

Want to boost your ROI ASAP? Contact Job Hub Group to learn more about our custom software and CRM solutions. We custom-create and hand-deliver something that caters to the needs of your specific industry, audience, and business. Whether you are a small business owner or an angel investor, we have what you need to increase your company’s bottom line.

Our innovative software developments will streamline communications and automate time-wasting efforts. These solutions will free up your employees to focus on money-making tasks. Let us help you maximize your returns with the right software investment. Contact us today for a free consultation.