Improve Workflow Efficiency with Custom Software

Aug 1, 2019
  • How?
  • Integration and Assimilation
  • Automating Your Workflow
  • Get Live Updates on Your Workflow Performance
  • Get Rid of Distractions
  • Keep Management and Workflow Even
  • Invest in Your Company’s Future with Custom Software

In the early 20th century, the invention of the assembly line revolutionized the speed and efficiency of manufacturing. By working smarter, not harder, companies were able to produce more for less – without sacrificing quality and care. The same mentality can be applied to your small business to improve the efficiency of your own workflow.

Struggling to keep all departments in constant production and communication is an increasingly difficult task as your company grows. With smart, intuitive software solutions, you and your staff can finish a one-hour task in a matter of minutes.


With custom automation software. At Job Hub Group, our goal is to create cutting-edge software tools that are designed around your business and its needs. There are plenty of reasons why someone might want custom software to handle all the different needs of the company. Consider how custom software can accelerate your workflow and automate tasks to save time and resources.

Integration and Assimilation

It is not unlikely that you’ve employed the help of several different applications and software programs to handle the individual needs of your business. For example, you may have an accounting program, a task management board, a social media management system, and a sales lead generator. All of these individual tasks may be performed through the functions of different platforms. After a while, it can get complicated trying to navigate them all efficiently.

Job Hub Group’s custom software solutions can integrate all of those separate platforms into one convenient space. That way, all of the information about your business can be accessed at once. Assign tasks, manage orders, and assign leads to salespersons using one piece of software.

We also make it easy for all of your employees to become familiar with this new system. Efficient workplaces can be managed by efficient programs that help you get the important tasks done fast and done right.

Automating Your Workflow

What exactly is workflow automation? How can custom software make menial tasks less complex and time-consuming?

With an intuitive software solution, you can perform tasks automatically without needing to take up too many hours on behalf of your staff. Certain smaller tasks that an individual may find time-consuming can be performed automatically by the program. This frees up your time to dedicate to more important tasks that can make the workplace more efficient. Ultimately, this will earn more money for your business by the hour.

In today’s world, this is one of the only ways to stay ahead in the game. Every job can be refined, every task can be made more efficient so you don’t need to fall behind. Plus, the more efficient you are, the bigger of an impact your tasks will make on your business’s bottom line – which in turn increases your profits.

What kind of simple tasks need to be automated? Custom software solutions can simplify the little things such as:

Time card recording

Email contact updates

Lead generation

Expense report management

Social media post scheduling

This will open up your schedule so you can work on the bigger, more complex, money-making tasks. This will push your business forward into the future and accelerate your productivity by a huge amount.

Get Live Updates on Your Workflow Performance

Not only can custom software solutions jumpstart your workflow into something much more efficient, it can also help you collect and analyze data in a convenient way. For example, your customized program can generate automatic data reports from all the different departments of your business and present them to you in a way that is most helpful for your bottom line.

This can save hours of time and energy that is traditionally wasted making reports and trying to understand the metrics. Your software is an intuitive way to analyze the performance of just about everything that your company does, including:



Lead generation and management

Calls and call volume

Tasks assigned to teams or individuals

Sales records

Project details and steps

Using your own built-in analysis tools will give you all the information you need right at your fingertips. You can moderate the numbers and types of tasks, fix performance issues, or even assign projects to individuals under one all-inclusive system.

Get Rid of Distractions

An intuitive software program will automate some of the basic distractions that can cause delays in your company’s overall workflow. For example, this software can assist with answering customers’ questions, responding to emails, sending out automatic text messages, or categorizing new tasks into the appropriate departments. All of this will free you up to focus on bigger money-making projects.

Keep Management and Workflow Even

Companies that are rapidly growing often face an imbalance when it comes to the management and production of the ideal workflow. While there may be a large number of employees participating in the workflow process, only a small percentage of people are actually analyzing and managing this workflow. There may be additional factors to consider that the small group of mangers won’t be able to notice or handle.

This is where automated software comes in handy. Your customized solution can help you manage all the operations of your business. It will let you know what parts of your workflow are working well, and what parts may need some improvement. All of this is implemented automatically so you can get accurate reports and up-to-date information about your daily operations without lifting a finger.

Invest in Your Company’s Future with Custom Software

The best way to improve workflow efficiency is to know how to effectively manage and delegate tasks. This is not always an easy accomplishment, especially when your business is experiencing continual growth. Investing in an advanced technology solution can give you the automated boost your company needs for its performance. Not only can the program help you manage and analyze your workflow, but it will implement steps to automatically improve it.

If you are a small startup business or a rapidly-growing company, reach out to Job Hub Group today to get started on your own custom software solution. We will work with you to deliver something that meets your specific goals.