What are Web Applications, and Why are They A Must-Have for Your Business?

Apr 1, 2019
  • Web Applications Explained
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Web applications are part of everyday life for most people in modern society. They may go unnoticed, but they define everything from an instant messaging platform to a word processor to a mobile game. Web applications are custom-built platforms that are designed with a specific purpose in mind. Because of their commonality and flexibility, they are essential for your small business.

Our Job Hub Group developers are passionate about creating tailor-made web applications that suit the needs and goals of your business. Applications are a crucial part of a custom software solution that will accelerate your profits and set your plans into motion.

But what exactly are web applications, and what are the benefits to using them? Answers to these questions can help you determine whether this is a must-have solution for your company’s needs.

Web Applications Explained

Web apps have existed longer than the Internet itself. The first iteration began in the late 1980s with the development of scripting languages. Now, they have become so common that they are seen every day as online contact forms, interactive friends lists on social media, and email platforms.

Web applications use clients in order to run. In other words, a client is what a user accesses in order to open the web application. An Internet browser, as an example, is a web client. Users will use a web browser to open a web page, which is stored remotely on a faraway machine. The client and faraway machine communicate with each other using a protocol, or language, known as HTTP.

There are two types of web applications: static and dynamic. A static site uses HTML and displays whatever is written in the code. A dynamic web application uses server-based scripts on the back end of the web portal, and can be written in a number of different languages.

Owning your own business and trying to navigate the evolving complexities of the world wide web can be exasperating. Using web applications is a simple and sure-fire way to provide you with whatever solutions you need to boost your bottom line and grow your company’s success. Incorporating these web applications will help you stay ahead of the game and on top of relevant updates.

Benefits of Web Applications

It goes without saying that there are numerous types of applications. Mobile applications are those that are available on smart devices, and can be opened with the push of a finger. Web applications work in a similar way, but use an online portal to open the application rather than a hand-held personal device.

Some of the biggest advantages of employing the use of web applications in your everyday business dealings include:

The ability to communicate cross-platform. Traditional software requires a specific operating system in order for it to work. For instance, an Apple program will not work on a Windows computer. But with web apps, a user can open it from any type of web browser, from Safari to Firefox.

There are almost no operating costs. This will streamline your business operations and keep all of your data in a place that is remote yet easy to access. Downloading software on your computer can actually be more costly as you need to have the hardware to constantly support it. Keeping everything online saves you from having to update your machines each year.

Maintenance is easy. How frustrating is it when a program on your computer needs to update, and it takes several hours? It slows down your computer for the entire time, and it might even require you to shut down and restart it. These working hours can be spent on primary projects with no time wasted by technology. Web apps update online from the remote location, taking “out of sight, out of mind” to a whole new level.

Web applications support growth. If you are expecting growth, you need a software system that will grow with you. If an application can’t handle the pains of expansion, it will become obsolete too quickly and end up as nothing more than a waste of money. Web applications are intuitive and flexible, updating constantly to keep your operations efficient and streamlined.

Instead of having to open a software program on your computer, you can simply log into a website to send and retrieve whatever data you need. Custom web applications are built with the specifics of your company in mind, improving your workflow more than any traditional system can.

Access Your Data 24/7

Since web applications are based on the web and not on your computer, you can access them at any time from any location – provided you have Internet access. Most web applications are accessible from any kind of web browser, making it easy for you to log into it at home, on your phone, or even from your vacation spot.

Since information is stored remotely, this makes it easier for you to manage the data you send and receive from it. Instead of having to spend more money investing in durable hardware that can keep up with your multi-functional software needs, you can instead access everything from a remote portal that allows your workload to remain light.

Customize Your Own Web Applications with Job Hub Group!

We can help you grow your business by delivering tailor-made web applications as part as your integrated software solution. Our leading experts can utilize the best tools and resources to create a web app that fulfills all of your needs – both on the back end and with customer-facing platforms.

A web application can give you more traction when your workflow is constantly moving. You don’t need to be bogged down by heavy updates or miles of coded script that backs up your hard drive. Our experts can work with you to determine that the best way to move your business forward is with custom application design. Get in touch with us today to start your personalized consultation to accelerate business growth your way.