Human beings are able to classify information in a variety of ways. We really don’t think about it, either. It’s automatic once we get older. It’s simple to tell the difference between things like stop signs or the face of a loved one, or between different types of information, such as nutrition data and a sunscreen’s SPF. Computers do not possess this capability, but machine learning can bring classification capabilities to your software.

Classification Algorithms

In order for machines to classify information, the right algorithm must be developed. The algorithm determines how the machine classifies data and what the decision tree looks like that dictates how the machine moves through the decision-making process in order to classify information. Basically, this is an if-then set of rules that tell the computer what to do in specific situations.

These algorithms play a central role in all types of computer classification, from product recommendations to computer vision to voice and speech recognition. At Job Hub Group, our expert designers and developers have years of experience at the leading-edge of classification technology, and we put that expertise to work on your behalf.

The Future Is Now

Machine learning is no longer science fiction. It’s driving today’s world. We can help ensure that you’re part of that forward movement. Contact us today to learn more about our machine learning solutions, including classification.